Fusion at the 2013 Baltimore Diamond Classic

The Toronto Fusion travelled to Baltimore this past Memorial Day Weekend to play in the 2013 Baltimore Diamond Classic.

Fusion started the tournament with probably their best game: a close game (7-5) against the Chicago Storm. They were robbed by the Storm’s short stop on a couple of diving catches when the Fusion had runners in scoring position. A game to be proud of by all. The Fusion lost their second game to the South Bend Blue Sox in another well played game.


The Fusion took the night off and went to watch a Washington National’s Game in DC, with National’s 3-5 loss to the Phillies.

On Day 2, the Fusion lost their remaining two dames against the New England Red Sox and the Nomads. Although the Fusion ended the weekend with an 0-4 record, the game scores were not indicative of the way they played.

Highlights: Bekki Zinger had on OBP above 800 for the weekend, and Joy Wicks won the Tournament MVP for the Fusion.

On the Sunday night skills competition the Fusion had a clean sweep of 3-0. Elizabeth Benn, Kim McElcheran, Kylie O’Donnell, and Stacy Clarke won the team relay. Healy Thompson won the Home Run Derby. Best of all the Fusion defended their tug-of-war championship title against the Blue Sox.942035_10150297740874967_1591405099_n2

Overall, the Fusion played competitive baseball with good team spirit and excellent sportsmanship against all of the teams. No other team has the level of fun that they do both on and off the field.

Good luck Fusion on the rest of your season!

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