2014 Can-Am Challenge

Congratulations to the 2014 Can-Am Challenge Campions, the Individuals Team!


The 2014 Can-Am Challenge, held from July 4-6, 2014, was a major success! Three teams participated in this years tournament: Toronto Fusion, DC Thunder, and and Individuals Team. On Saturday July 5, the teams participated in a round robin competition which IMG_2928resulted in the Individuals on top with the DC Thunder as the runners up.

The round robin play was followed by a tournament social where participants enjoyed some pizza and snacks followed by some friendly competition in the skills competition. Two members from each team participated in events including throwing for distance, throwing for accuracy (into a hockey net), hitting for distance and running for speed. The top two from each event won prizes generously donated to the tournament by Humber College. A raffel was also held this year where winners won fabulous prizes such as baseball backpacks, outfielders gloves, and sport sunglasses donated by Home Run Sports.

On Sunday July 6, players experienced the rare opportunity to play with one another when all tournament participants were drafter into two teams that played two exhibition games again one another. Everyone had a great time, played great baseball, and made the tournament directors proud to host such a wonderful weekend of baseball!


Check back for more information about the 2015 Can-Am Challenge!


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