Can-Am Home                                             Map                                        Directions

Field Locations

  • Connorvale Park

    281 Rimilton Ave, Etobicoke, ON 

    (This address shows up as about a block away from the park on Google maps, but you just continue along Rimilton Ave. to get to the park)

  • South Queensway Park

    8 Avon Park Dr., Etobicoke, ON
  • Ourland Park

    36 Ourland Ave, Etobicoke, ON
  • Tom Riley Park

    Islington Ave & Cordova Ave, Toronto, ON

Hotel Locations

  • Stay Inn Suites

    560 Evans Avenue, Toronto, ON M8W 2W1                                                           (416) 259-7899
  • Canada’s Best Value Inn

    650 Evans Avenue,Toronto, ON M8W 2W6                                                                    1 (888) 525-8346

Location Map

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